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I need love, laughter, Christ, family, good friends & cute shoes. I appreciate genuine people & the beach!  I adore making memories & reliving them, a relaxing rainy day, giant tress, the sun & summertime.  I love telling life's stories through the lens of my camera. I am in love with living in the moment & enjoying every single second. I appreciate dirt under children's fingernails, Peanut Butter & Jelly faces, 1st looks of any kind, Daddy's giving their little girls away & 1st time Daddy's changing diapers. I'm a softy & genuinely LOVE life! There isn't much about the realness of life I don't like, although taking out the trash & dishes are not a favorite.

Photography is more to me than technical aspects of camera & light. Making a photograph is extending a second of ones life for you & others to look back on & relive the emotion of that day. Being able to think outside the box & use creativity to tell a story happens to be a pretty fun aspect too! When the light is just right & whoever I am photographing is relaxed & in the moment, my heart is filled with joy.

I am a child of the most high 1st & foremost, the wife of an incredible fella who loves me through all my faults & when reading this will roll his eyes & smirk a cute smile because this is becoming long winded. The mother to a little girl who will forever keep me on my toes & bring me so much joy with her laugh & a little boy who continues to melt my heart with his big 'ol eyes, undeniable joy for the game of baseball & eskimo kisses. I am the daughter to some pretty great parents...almost perfect if you asked me, a best friend to my sister & arm rest to my 'big' little brother. A daughter-in-law & sister-in-law to some insanely awesome in-laws...pretty sure you would want my in-laws to be your in-laws. Perhaps one of the most precious to me, a granddaughter to my grandparents, who happen to be the most influential people in my life, I would be lost without them!

If you haven't been able to put it all together, I love the Lord, I love my family, I love my friends & I thrive on solid, fruitful relationships. Life is not a daily grind for me, it's a gift & I intend to keep living it fully, everyday.


Photo Credit - Shannon Coker 

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